A Christmas Hymn

Okay, so likely not too  many people aspire to hymn-writing, but I have wanted for years to write a hymn. The Moravians have a rich history of music and hymn-writing. I always felt like given the appropriate tune, I could put together a nice hymn. I’ve just been waiting for inspiration! 

So, the time came this Christmas – the stars somehow aligned and I put together a little Christmas hymn, sung to the tune of Hyfrydol. Hyfrydol was written in 1831 by Rowland Hugh Prichard, a teacher from Wales, who was only 20 at the time. It quickly crossed the Atlantic Ocean and became popular with American Protestants. I prefer it moving a little more quickly than the midi file I found on the internet, but it gives you the gist. 

Here are the words: 

Shepherds Watch

1) Shepherds watch as night is falling,
when good news the angels bring;
“Glory to the Lord most holy, 
now is born a child, a King!”
O’er the hills the sounds resounding; 
heav’nly hosts light the night sky above;
shepherds hurry to see the baby
born to save us by grace through love.

2) Wise men from the East will follow
in the sky a bright, shining star;
leading them to a child most royal
for whom three will travel afar;
Gifts they bear most precious, costly;
fitting homage to the King;
Miles they travel to worship with gold and myrhh
honor, glory to Him they bring. 

3) Joined together we gather here
 to celebrate this holy birth;
come, Lord Jesus, your light so fair, so bright 
fills us with abundant worth;
Human mother, Holy Father;
born to save us from sin and fear;
With great joy we raise our voices
“hallelujah!” to Christ most dear.

Somehow I doubt it will become a Christmas standard (I think Silent Night and Joy to the World probably have a lock on that), but I sure enjoyed creating it!