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Christmas Headbands

Well, it’s been a while and I am a bit sad that my post is a knitting pattern and not some profound bit of wisdom. During the past year, I have, in my head, written 3 dozen blog posts that should have changed the world!

2015-12-14 17.34.31
Finished Size: 
One size should fit most any woman’s head.
Yarn: The featured yarn is a beautiful blend (40% wool, 40% alpaca, 20% silk) called “Moonshine” from Juniper Moon Farm. It’s a 100g. One headband takes way less than a full skein. Any worsted weight yarn will work.
Needles: Size 8 16″ circular needle


  • Cast on 80 stitches. Join and work in the round.2015-12-14 08.45.56
  • Rows 1 & 2: Purl
  • Row 3-5: Knit
  • Rows 6 & 7: Purl
  • Begin pattern rows:
    • R1: K3, S1 (slip as if to purl) – repeat until end of row.
    • R2: Knit
  • Repeat pattern rows for 2 1/2 to 3 inches or desired width.
  • Repeat rows 1-7.
  • Bind off purl-wise and sew in ends.

Enjoy! This is a simple pattern that can be knit right up in an evening. Great gift idea for those non-hat-wearing friends.