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Katie’s Fingerless Gloves

Magic Loop Child’s Fingerless Gloves

These gloves are knit on one long (42″) size 3 (U.S.) circular needle, using sock yarn. The ones pictured were custom-made for my niece Katie, who is 7.

Cast on 36 stitches and divide stitches evenly on needle.
Join stitches and knit in K2, P2 rib pattern for approximately 2″.

Note that this is an alternative to using double-pointed needles. Read more about the technique here. 

Begin working thumb by continuing in rib pattern (k2, p2) katie-olderfor 17 stitches, placing a marker, knitting 2 stitches, placing a second marker, then working the final 17 stitches in the rib pattern.

Work a second row in rib pattern, slipping the markers and knitting the 2 stitches in between.

Then, repeat the pattern below until there are 12 stitches between markers, and end with Row 3:

Row 1: Work in rib pattern to first marker, slip marker, increase 1 stitch (I knit into the front and back of the stitch to add a stitch), knit to within 1 stitch of second marker, increase 1 stitch, slip marker, then work to end of row.
Rows 2&3: Work all stitches in rib pattern, and knit stitches between markers.

Now, work to marker, remove marker, and bind off (BO) the 12 stitches. Remove other marker and finish row in rib pattern.

To finish the hand, work round in rib pattern for 17 sts, casting on and knitting 2 stitches using the backward loop or single cast-on method, then finishing the next 17 stitches in the rib pattern.

Continue working in established pattern for about 1.5″. To finish, purl a round, knit a round, then bind off. Sew in ends.

(The hat is a simple roll-brim knit in stockinette on circular needles. I just knit, knit, knit.)

2014 Update: My niece is now 12! Time for a new set of gloves. I’m casting on 40 stitches (realize I should do this in 4-stitch increments. For the thumb gusset, work up to 14 rows, then bind off. Since this pattern is so stretchy, it should fit her well (along with small women). I will also knit longer sections for better coverage. The new gloves with a complementary hat appear below. Beautiful, older Katie models them above.


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